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Kennedy University of Baptist

About Kennedy University of Baptist
Kennedy University of Baptist is an faith based university with a collaborative and practical approach to learning.  Through all aspects of the student experience here at Kennedy University of Baptist, we aim to instil godly virtues in our students so they always stand out in moral and ethical excellence  as current and future leaders.
In helping to bridge the gap between faith (religion) and secularism, Kennedy University of Baptist builds leaders who can operate and serve in a secular world while excelling in their various fields without compromising their faith.
Kennedy University of Baptist graduates are leaders who go on to create positive change in business, social, religious, and political fields across the world.
Our initial academic programs are Certificate, Bachelor and Masters level degrees in Business Administration with specialization in Leadership and Theology.
Kennedy University of Baptist is registered in Florida, United States.

Our Goal


Kennedy University of Baptist is first and foremost a place to seek the truth—with intellectual courage and humility, and in fellowship with others. 


Kennedy University of Baptist is devoted absolutely and without qualification to freedom: freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of association, and to all other freedoms—economic, political, religious—that are intrinsic to human nature. 


Seeking to apprehend beauty in thought, in art, in music, in each other, and even in difficulty and suffering, is at the heart of human life and of the thinking we need to do. 

Kennedy University of Baptist offers only educational programs that prepare students for religious vocations as ministers, professionals, or laypersons in the categories of ministry, counseling, theology, education, administration, music, fine arts, media communications, or social work.